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a. profiled, in a straight condition, to be bent by yourself:

The profiled handrails in lengths up to 6 m are packed in cardboard tubes and have a moisture content of about 12%: perfect for bending. The handrails should only be unpacked just before you start bending.

Lengths over 6 m are split by means of 9° cuts, ready for reassembly upon arrival of the shipment.  

Also see: 4. How to bend handrails.


b. pre-bent and fixed onto flat transport moulds:

Pre-bent round handrails are fixed onto a transport mould and shipped in a flat cardboard box.

Bent and half-cut:

Also see: How to perform the upwards bending during installation.


c. Short radius bent parts, ready for assembly

All parts that are more tightly bent than 1 : 20 are made to your requirements and supplied in bent layers.

Also see: Short radius handrail parts - Bendywood®.


d. raw, in straight condition, to be milled by yourself:

The raw square-edged bending bars (50x50 mm to 50x100 mm), used for producing customized handrails, are normally packed and have a moisture content of about 8%: perfect for milling.

Cardboard box for packing raw handrail bars

Also see: 1. How to work and finish Bendywood®.