Technical data Bendywood® beech Normal beech    
Density (kg/m³) 890 730
Compression (%) 20 0
Modul of elasticity (N/mm²) at a moisture content of about 12% 3900 11000
Elasticity limit (N/mm²) 31 59
Breaking load (N/mm²) 102 74
Bending ratio (= thickness/tightest radius)  1/10 1/60
A special topic is the SPLITTING RESISTANCE of Bendywood®.
The splitting resistance of this wood is indeed significantly higher than the splitting resistance of normal wood, but not so high that the Bendywood® could also be bent across the grain at the ration of 1 : 10 as it is the case against the longitudinal fibre direction.This is important when handling thin Bendywood®, such as veneers made out of this wood or unmachined parts from 1mm to 2mm, used for shoe insoles.  In these cases, the bendability across the grain can be improved by “laminating” using a supporting material, similar as with veneers that are used for profile coating. This procedure improves the tensile strength across the grain and as a result of that also enables the bending of tighter radii across the grain.