The round bending handrails
 (storing in diameters 40, 42, 45, 48 and 60 mm and in lengths up to 6 m) are packed in cardboard tubes and have a moisture content of about 12%: perfect for bending. The handrails should only be unpacked just before you start bending.

Cardboard tubes for packing round handrails

 Dispatch of long bending handrails with 9° cuts, ready for reassembly upon arrival of the shipment.  

Bendywood® Handläufe mit 9° Grad Schnittwinkel    Bendywood®-Handläufe mit 9° Schnittwinkel

Pre-bent round bending handrails are fixed onto a transport mould and shipped in a flat cardboard box (about 220x220x15 cm).

Bending handrail bent around a flat mould   Cardboard box for packing 2D bent handrails

The raw square-edged bending bars (50x50, 80x50, 100x50 and 65x65 mm) on the other hand, used for producing customized handrails, are normally packed and have a moisture content of about 8%: perfect for milling.

Cardboard box for packing raw handrail bars

The bending handrails 
are jointed in length and at a moisture content of 12% they can be bent up to radii of about 

1 : 20. For example, a 40 mm round handrail can be bent to a radius of about 800 mm. 

Only at a moisture content of about 12% a pliability up to 1 : 20 can be guaranteed. 
See part 2. How to bend Bendywood® and moisten it if needed.